Colton Davies


Welcome to my little corner of the online world, profiling my journalism work on subjects of interest and for part of my studies at BCIT.

I’ve grown up in Maple Ridge, BC, and my passion for sports broadcasting is what has led me to my field of study at BCIT – Broadcast and Online Journalism. From as far back as I can remember as a kid,  you could always find me watching highlights on the Score, TSN, or tuning in to any Canucks or Blue Jays game on TV. Nothing I love more than watching the Canucks’ Westcoast Express line light up the NHL, or for the Blue Jays a Carlos Delgado home run or a Roy Halladay win (re-runs now, of course).

And if not watching sports you can always find me playing them. Growing up I’ve lived at the rink as a second home; I’ve played a number of sports including baseball, ball hockey and soccer throughout the years and above all has been ice hockey. I’ve reffed hockey for eight years, played for over a decade and these days you can also find me coaching, which I’ve done the last two seasons. There’s no better feeling, for me personally, than going to rink and always seeing people you know and having a positive effect on so many of them. It’s a part of my life I could never give up, and one way or another I’ll always find an excuse to be at the rink every season.

This passion for sports combined with my interest in writing, story telling and speaking helped me discover BCIT’s journalism program, I knew in the middle of high school that I wanted to end up there once I was out. In my grad year at Westview Secondary School I applied for this program and others; I was also interested in business and later was accepted to several economics and business programs at different post secondary schools. The one program I applied for and wasn’t accepted to was this ultra competitive program at BCIT. Nonetheless, I still followed my passion and after taking a number of part time studies courses, I re-applied the next year for the full time program and this time was accepted.

Now on a regular basis I take on a busy course load and learn expansive areas of the industry that I never expected to end up doing. Many days I wake up and have no clue what I’m doing or how I’m going to get through the tasks on my plate, but my fuel for the fire is my passion and like many people around me facing similar difficulties I find a way to get through it all. Stress is a given, and adversity can always be a major distraction, but what’s key is to remind yourself of your purpose, and why you’re doing what you’re doing. If you can always answer that, keep going.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve gotten was from one of the guys at the local barber… “a dream isn’t a dream if you’re doing it, then it’s reality”.

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